Customs clearance, Intrastat and international VAT

Speed ​​and precise attention are our strengths.


METRANS has since 1977 experience in customs matters governing the exchange of goods and services between countries.

For years we have been active in the customs operations sector, both for imports from EXTRA-EU countries and for exports to EXTRA-EU countries. Each operation directly by us is carried out at the customs office in Bolzano.

To complement its operational and structural capabilities in the transport sector, METRANS offers a specialized service for carrying out customs procedures, quickly and correctly, accompanied by the information assistance of its team dedicated to this important aspect of international shipments.

In any case, we offer all-round assistance and advice for all aspects concerning customs and related tax matters.

We offer you our assistance and advice on:

  • Permanent and temporary imports
  • Introduction of foreign goods in customs warehouse
  • Introduction of foreign goods in VAT
  • EXTRA-EU customs clearance
  • Re-imports to discharge temporary exports
  • Reintroduction free of customs duties for return goods
  • Community transit operations with issuance of a T2 transit document
  • Permanent and temporary exports
  • Customs operations in triangulation
  • Transit trade assistance and documentation
  • Telematic transmission of customs declarations
  • Customs advice


METRANS has had experience in INTRASTAT since 1977, which governs the exchange of goods and services between countries.

The INTRASTAT system is a system of tax procedures and activities designed to allow monitoring by the customs agency and the revenue agency of all exchange transactions between intra-community entities.

METRANS offers its Italian customers the INTRASTAT formalities completion service through specially dedicated staff who are responsible for the drafting and electronic forwarding of declarations (monthly and quarterly, goods and services) to the customs administration on behalf of the obliged entities

Monthly management

We manage INTRASTAT practices on a monthly basis both for direct clients and for important accounting firms, also offering assistance for all types of community tax / customs issues

  • Collection and preparation of documentation for the preparation of INTRA lists
  • List processing
  • Electronic submission of summary lists for intra-community sales and purchases
  • Electronic processing / submission of any late transmission corrections


METRANS has since 1977 experience in VAT matters which govern the exchange of goods and services between countries.

Consultancy for issues related to international VAT

  • Consultancy for the purchase and sale of national and international goods and services
  • Consultancy for national - European and extra-European triangulation operations

Logistics consultancy

  • Consultancy for the setting and management of activities related to international logistics (external activities)
  • Consultancy for the setting and management of activities relating to internal logistics, of the plant (goods receipt - quality control - "random" quantitative control - storage of raw materials / semi-finished products - traffic with subcontractors - storage of finished products - packaging - goods exit from factory (with related documentation)

Fulfillment of formalities for products subject to excise duties

  • Complete setup and management for the payment of the tax on lubricating oils and the mandatory contribution for waste oils (also for oils present in agricultural-industrial vehicles and machinery)
  • Keeping of the loading and unloading register
  • Complete setup and management of excise duty recovery on fuels purchased by companies using vehicles with a total mass> 7.5 tons
  • Setting up and management of telematics relating to excise duties on other "sensitive" products, through the collaboration of partners
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