METRANS = Mobility for Exceptional Transports in Italy

Your heavy load in Italy with Us reliably to the destination

The permits service with professionals at work.

Since 1984, the Metrans authorization permits service has been assisting European foreign transporters for all aspects of the organization and execution of their exceptional transport in Italy.


Obtaining authorisations and accessory services

After an analysis of the characteristics of the exceptional transport and the itinerary to be traveled, our team provides:

  • Obtaining authorizations in Italy for exceptional transport with forwarding of requests to companies that manage roads and motorways in Italy
  • If required, it organizes technical escort services and related notices to road authorities
  • To carry out technical checks of transitability and enrollment on the route and organize the static checks on the artifacts according to the prescriptions and requests of the bodies and companies that manage the roads and highways involved in transit
  • Request and obtain with annual validation of the technical data sheets (Scheda Tecnica) required for vehicles registered abroad
  • Schedule with surveillance of the validity of periodic authorizations and others with notice of their expiration and possible renewal of the sam

In any case, we offer 360-degree assistance and advice for all aspects concerning the execution of exceptional transport in Italy aimed in particular at foreign carriers. For assistance and advice for your exceptional transports in Italy, you can confidently rely on our highly qualified service!

Obtaining the required permit for the transport

  • So that you can reach any place in Italy with your exceptional transport.


Time to read: approximately 3 min

Types of permits in Italy

  • So that you have the right permit for your exeptional transport in Italy


Time to read: approximately 2 min

Scheda Tecnica / Technical certificate for authorization for heavy transport in Italy

  • So that you know what a Scheda Tecnica is and how you get one


Time to read: approximately 2 min

Regulations for escorting exceptional transports in Italy

  • So that you know if your exceptional transport requieres an escort


Time to read: approximately 2 min

Calender of driving prohibitions 2022

  • So that your informed on which days and at what time dirving prohibitons in Italy are set


The Italian road traffic law violations and fines for special transports

  • So that you can avoid fines


Time to read: approximately 5 min

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