Escorts for exceptional transports

Escorts for exceptional transport are mandatory in a number of cases, not only related to the size of the vehicle, but also to the journey. It is in fact necessary when the widths of the roads to be traveled are less than 3.50 meters and the vehicle has a width that exceeds that provided for by the highway code. Always in relation to the width of the road and the vehicle, the exceptional transport escort is mandatory when the vehicle has a width greater than the driving lane, for which these vehicles are classified not only as exceptional, but also greater than 25 meters, when the load has very high front or rear projections, i.e. more than 4/10 of the vehicle itself and when the road travel speed is fast, so that the presence of a vehicle at reduced speed such as exceptional transport can create serious obstacles to circulation.

The article 10

Article 10 of the technical regulations as amended by DI 27.8.2014 establishes the number of vehicles to be used in escort services and the number of drivers who must be licensed in relation to the type of road and the maximum dimensions of exceptional transport.

Types of escorts

The escorts for exceptional transport are divided into two types: technical escort and traffic police escort:

The technical escort is provided when certain roads with different sizes are traveled, such as regional ones with three lanes, and concerns a vehicle not more than four meters wide and less than thirty-five meters long.

On the other hand, the traffic police escort is foreseen when the vehicle exceeds the limits set for each single road present in the technical stocks.

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