Logistics with a personalized service

What the METRANS company has meant since 1977

With our competent and multilingual staff we strive to meet the needs of our customers with advanced logistics solutions.

Speed, flexibility and efficiency are the key to the logistics sector. As a provider of integrated logistics services, Metrans ships goods from any part of Europe directly to the customer with a system that is flexible to market needs.

WHO WE ARE: a long history that began in 1977

The METRANS shipment has existed since 1977. The origin of the Bolzano-based company METRANS however goes back to the year 1880, when 11 years after the construction of the Brenner railway the company "Hofingott & Co." in the era of Habsburg Austria he started his activity as "Spedition & Commission" and K.K.- as authorized imperial customs agency in Bolzano.

Through innovation and tradition, the METRANS company. It has always adapted to changing market situations while remaining faithful to its traditional corporate values. METRANS is one of the few shipping and customs clearance companies in Bolzano that are still in local entrepreneurial hands.


Solutions for international transport and groupage logistics

The traditional sector of customs clearance and international groupage land transport is constantly being expanded.

A network of correspondents for the transport of various goods from Bolzano / South Tyrol to and from Austria, Germany and from and to SWITZERLAND guarantees an optimal service.

METRANS also manages logistics for customers and third parties. The territorial extension of the services with maximum efficiency and reliability, together with our many years of experience, are decisive for our success.

All kinds of warehousing

With a storage area of ​​over 9,000 m2 through Magazzini Generali in Bolzano, adjacent to our company, METRANS today belongs to the main South Tyrolean suppliers of logistics with storage. This includes managing all processes for storage of all types, such as the customs warehousing service for goods that come from abroad and must be stored for an unlimited period of time.

All our services are subject to a flexible tariff system where the price corresponds to the scope of the service.

The service of requests for authorizations for exceptional transport in Italy

Since 1984, the METRANS authorization request service has assisted European foreign transporters for all aspects of the organization and execution of their exceptional transport in Italy.

Our service provides for the obtaining of authorizations with the forwarding of requests to the companies that manage the roads and motorways and, if required, the organization of technical escort services.

In addition, the necessary technical data sheets are prepared for vehicles registered abroad and for which the annual validation is carried out on expiry.

In any case, we offer all-round assistance and consultancy for all aspects concerning the execution of exceptional transport in Italy aimed in particular at foreign carriers.

We are proud that our METRANS authorization service, active since 1984 for obtaining authorizations and the provision of exceptional transport in Italy, is well known and appreciated in the specialized group of European exceptional transport companies. Our customers of the authorization service include some of the main transport companies in Europe, for which we organize and assist their exceptional transports in Italy with the usual level of quality and flexibility.


Training of giovano through professionalizing apprenticeship

METRANS is authorized to work training through apprenticeships and has repeatedly included young staff in the company for the three years of apprenticeship in vocational training in the field of logistics with surprising qualification results for job placement.

Internal professional training

METRANS is a company that continuously invests in its staff with continuous specific internal professional training in new technologies and knowledge of logistics.


Thus, a corporate culture based on passion, respect and innovation was developed, which are the cornerstones and distinctive values ​​of the Metrans company.

reliability and availability are our strengths

Our experienced and multilingual TEAM is our guarantee for a reliable service.

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day!

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