Speed, flexibility, and efficiency are the key to international groupage transport.

METRANS 'many years of experience in the logistics and transport sector allows us to guarantee an efficient service to manage and organize your goods. We offer you a tailor-made logistics service, to satisfy any need.

In any case, we offer 360-degree assistance and advice for all aspects concerning international and national groupage transport.

Our services:

  • Collect me connections throughout Europe and in particular to and from AUSTRIA, GERMANY AND SWITZERLAND
  • Fast and reliable delivery of goods Standardized delivery times
  • Receiving terminal in Italy
  • Customs clearance
  • Intrastat declarations

Your Advantages:

  • Door-to-door transport: Reliable transport of general cargo shipments in Europe
  • Maximum security for your shipments thanks to our modern network
  • Simplified administration with our online services
  • What is groupage transport

Groupage transport is a flexible, safe and cost-effective way to ship limited quantities of goods together with others on predetermined routes. Our network of international correspondents allows a personalized service tailored to your needs and an optimization of transport.

We are the meeting point for individual customers: we receive requests and process them in such a way as to meet the needs of individual customers. We bundle the cargo and separate it again on arrival to distribute it to individual final recipients.


National distribution to and from Italy

METRANS carries out groupage shipments to and from South Tyrol as well as to and from the whole of Italy.

METRANS, in addition to the Alto Adige-Trentino area, served directly from Bolzano, has various distribution and collection possibilities at national level.

Our service:

  • National transport of various goods
  • Connection to international transport of various goods
  • Logistic services with added value

Your Advantages:

  • Rely on maximum security for your shipments thanks to our modern network.
  • Get points with your customers with fixed-term deliveries.
  • Simplify your administration with our online services.

We offer our customers in South Tyrol / Italy:

  • Maximum commitment to your shipments
  • Optimized compilation management such as groupage and delivery as general goods
  • Reliable and punctual delivery of the goods within the terms set by the customer
  • The guarantee of insurance of goods in groupage traffic in the event of loss or damage to the goods sold


Through various cooperation agreements we can offer our customers a complete express service.

Metrans is a competent contact person for all groupage transport services.



METRANS deals with international transport, with specialization in cargoes of groupage and shipment of pallets. A widespread network and membership in primary networks allow us to offer reliable services and solve any need in terms of transport. It also manages logistics and storage services for third-party customers, thanks to the possibility of using the structure of the Bolzano General Warehouses adjacent to the METRANS headquarters with adequate accommodation capacities, capable of providing efficient and specialized services. This means storage areas for a total of 9,000 m² of the Bolzano General Warehouses with warehouse management for third parties, picking and packaging. METRANS with this collaboration is among the first South Tyrolean companies for logistics services aimed at the tertiary sector and industry.

Warehouse management

Warehouse management means controlling the loading, unloading, motivation and storage of goods down to the smallest detail: everything is carefully recorded and monitored, so we can ensure you a job well done.

The logistics service is essential for a company's business. For a reliable service we take care of and analyze your proposals in detail, to offer you a quality service.

Warehousing services:

  • Customs warehouse
  • VAT tax deposit
  • Dry storage and warehouse
  • Warehouse and cold store
  • Goods handling and order preparation
  • Goods storage for third parties
  • Third party food processing


In addition to Trentino / Alto Adige, which is mainly served by sub-carriers directly from Bolzano, METRANS has various possibilities, at national level, of other distribution / collection possibilities.


Through various cooperation agreements we can offer our customers a complete express service.

With the METRANS logistics and warehousing service you can count on these advantages:

  • Reduction of fixed costs
  • The outsourced management of services translates into an easily manageable variable cost for the company.
  • Increased distribution efficiency We guarantee a reliable and punctual shipping service - transport throughout the country and in the rest of Europe.
  • Maximum customization of services Studies of management plans, localization and transport of stocks aimed at individual needs
  • Speeding up of customs procedures
  • Quick processing of each customs procedure, thanks to many years of experience
  • Warehouses and warehouses in convenient and strategic locations in Bolzano
  • Spaces and customized solutions
  • Perfect synergy of services
  • Possibility of customization of goods displacement programs
  • Optimization of management, localization and transport times
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