Specific Sanctions

Since 1984, the METRANS authorization request service has been assisting European foreign transporters for all aspects of the organization and execution of their exceptional transport in Italy. Our service provides for obtaining the authorizations with the forwarding of requests to the companies that manage the roads and highways and, if required, to the organization of technical escort services. In addition, the annual validation of the technical sheets provided for vehicles registered abroad is carried out on expiry. In any case, we offer 360-degree assistance and advice for all aspects concerning the execution of exceptional transport in Italy aimed in particular at foreign carriers. The Metrans TEAM assists you in the event of violations with related sanctions and measures by the Italian traffic police In case of problems with the authorizations for exceptional transport or failure to comply with the requirements with possible administrative sanctions, the Metrans TEAM assists you to limit the damage . In case of withdrawal of the driving license or administrative detention of the vehicle, Metrans at the request of the customer will contact the competent authorities both for the related procedures and for the subsequent procedures for returning the driving license or issuing the vehicle. Sanctions CODE OF THE ROAD (CDS) 30. April 1992 No. 285 The circulation of exceptional vehicles or exceptional transport in violation of the Highway Code will give rise to the application of various administrative penalties. . It should be noted that in Italy, not only the driver but also the owner of the vehicle is responsible for a traffic violation. ROAD CODE The following explanations on "ROAD CODE" (CDS) are here mitate, to the laws and regulations on Exceptional Transport and for information only without any legal treaty claim. The legislative decree 30 April 1992 n ° 285. = the Highway Code (CDS) is composed of 7 titles / parts and 240 articles / articles and in these articles there are various paragraphs. The CDS law dates back 30 years, but has been amended and supplemented several times (about X110) until 2020. Among other things, the penalties have been continuously updated regarding the amounts to be paid. . REGULATION FOR EXCEPTIONAL TRANSPORT Article 10 of the CDS contains various paragraphs, according to which paragraphs 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 and 25 refer to the financial penalties that can be imposed on exceptional transport in the event of violation the requirements of the authorizations granted. .. Violations relating to the circulation of vehicles are attributable to 3 (three) different levels of illicit conduct based on their gravity 1st LEVEL severity pursuant to PARAGRAPH 18 (ARTICLE 10 CDS) Financial penalties between € 796.00. - € 3,212.00. In this level of enforcement, the violations can be divided as follows: A) It concerns the performance of an exceptional transport or circulation WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION because it was never granted. It is also considered a lack of authorization even if it exists but: - this has expired - manual modifications or falsifications have been made - the license plate does not match - The name of the owner of the exception permit does not match - Lack of day and time of start of departure for single and multiple travel permits NB. Point A) above refers to the existence of the authorization o the validity of the exception. B) Paragraph 18 is punishable for failure to comply with only one of the following authorization requirements: - Failure to comply with the route indicated - Failure to comply with the assigned time period - Failure to comply with the prescribed escort - Failure to comply with the maximum values ​​for dimensions and weight ATTENTION: In all in the cases of paragraph 18, it is foreseen not only the payment of an administrative sanction, but ALSO also the ancillary sanctions affecting the driver and the owner of the vehicle. - Withdrawal of the driving license from 15 to 30 days - Suspension of the vehicle registration certificate - Suspension of the vehicle registration certificate from 1 to 2 months 2nd LEVEL of severity THE SENSES OF PARAGRAPH 19 (ARTICLE 10 CDS) Financial penalties between € 159.00. - € 642.00. Violation of non-essential prescriptions. These are less serious violations in which the driving license is not withdrawn and without the vehicle being stopped. The following cases can be listed: - Non-observance of the description, of the relative enormous load of the anchor - Non-observance of the prescribed speeds - Non-observance of the interruption in case of poor visibility during day and night. - Non-compliance with the specification for technical sheets. - illegal use of the authorization - violation of the requirements imposed by the police for the escort in proxy; 3rd LEVEL OF RESISTANCE PURSUANT TO PARAGRAPH 20 (ARTICLE 10 CDS) Financial penalties between € 42.00. - € 172.00. Temporary lack of an exceptional permit for special transport. It is the case where a permit is available but it is not available in the vehicle cannot be found. However, the journey can continue as soon as the authorization is presented while the fine must still be paid. . SPARE VEHICLES Penalties for the staff of escort vehicles pursuant to paragraph 25 / ter (art.10) Fines between € 159.00. - € 642.00. Qualified personnel who fail to comply with the regulations or implementation methods provided for in the ordinance during specialist support must expect an administrative penalty. If the same person commits at least one of the violations referred to in this paragraph within two years, for the last offense, the suspension of the Qualification for a period from 1 to 3 months. Our team Our MULTILINGUAL TEAM with decades of experience offers professional assistance for all technical aspects of exceptional transport in Italy. Technologies METRANS has the best software and hardware to be in direct online connection with the companies and bodies set up on the Italian road network to which authorization requests for exceptional transport are to be sent. A personalized service You can rely on us with confidence for your exceptional transport! We are certainly able to give you a highly qualified and personalized service! METRANS = Mobility for Exceptional Transports in Italy

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